ag|gres|sion [ ə`greʃn ] noun uncount **
1. ) a situation in which one country attacks another:
We will unite to defend ourselves against aggression.
aggression against: The statement condemned the country's brutal aggression against its neighbor.
act of aggression: an act of unprovoked aggression (=there was no reason for it)
a ) a situation in which someone attacks another person:
physical/verbal aggression: Many of them had been victims of physical aggression.
aggression against: Aggression against the fans from opposing teams is on the increase.
2. ) an angry feeling that makes you want to attack or defeat someone else:
show/express/display aggression: Boys usually express their aggression by hitting each other.
aggression toward: So far they had shown no aggression toward him.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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